Cannabis Paste

Paste v.s. Oil


Cannabis Paste is 1665% more efficient to make than cannabis oil or RSO

Rick Simpson's Alcohol extraction amazingly helped or cured many people but sadly it is NOT scientifically efficient.

Here are the cold hard facts.

Product Produced
Per Pound
Damaging Heat
Cannabis Paste   No  32 months supply No No
RSO (Alcohol)  Yes  3 months supply Yes Yes






How do I know if I have Rick's version or the Oil?

It taste pretty bad. Like a burning sensation on the tongue. Do you taste alcohol? Is it really black? Then you have RSO/Oil.

The process (Rick's method) in making the oil from cannabis is to soak the plant in alcohol for hours and then filter/remove the plant matter by using a cheese cloth or a coffee filter leaving the alcohol along with whatever oil/THC/CBD you can get from the plant. Then the last step is to cook the alcohol/oil until approximately 93% of the alcohol is evaporated. This is a huge waste to throw away 100% of the plant matter to end up with only oil. Take a look at the picture below. There is a LOT of CBD and THC in that left over in that cannabis.


Anyone Can Make Cannabis Paste (watch video below)

The Potency

Note: The paste potency should not be compared to the oil. The paste ends up to be 100% what you started with and there is no need to make it concentrated. For example, you have 1 pound of cannabis to start with then you will end up with 1 pound when your finished. Unlike the RSO, you started with 1 lb and end up with 2oz. Where did all the cannabis go? Right in the trash can. Forgive our directness but that has to be one of the most wasteful methods.

Why heat the cannabis with alcohol? Old school people say to pull out the CBD and THC. But why? Why concentrate it when you can just eat the plant matter.
The paste actually taste a 1000% better as its slowly heated or cooked using your choice of Olive oil ,Vegetable Glycerin or Coconut oil.

The Dosage

Depending on your body weight and illness 2.4 grams is a good strong dose. Start out with 1 gram and increases the amount over couple days until you feel the effects of the cannabis. You will personally know what amount to take by how you feel. Each person is different and each illness requires a different dose.

There are other factors involve such as some pharmaceutical drugs can void out the hallucinogenic effect of cannabis and you think your just eating farm grass. If you have 4th stage Cancer you might want to take anywhere from 3 to 5 grams a day BUT do not start off with that amount! That will kick you like a donkey. But then again you are trying everything to save your life and the more Cannabinoids you ingest the more you fight off the cancer. We call it the catch 22. Don't want to get high but you want to kill off the cancer.

Lyme disease you have to start very slow due to the herxheimer reaction. Read this artcile

1 jar seen in video (1/2 ounce of cannabis with 2oz added Olive oil) = 2.4 grams a day for 1 one month supply.

We predict within the next 3 years no one will ever make Cannabis Oil. Think about it. 1 pound produces 3 months of oil supply versus 32 months of paste.  Even if you cut that in half its still crazy to even think about making the oil.